CBD Skincare

Professional Grade CBD Skincare. Created with only highest quality CBD available. Our ingredients are highly researched and offer only the best skin-loving results. Regardless of your skin type or age, we have a vast selection to fit your individual needs.
We also carry professional men’s products for their skincare and shaving needs.
Our on staff licensed esthetician is available for consultations and to answer any questions.

CBD Skincare:

Talyoni Stem Cell Therapy Eye Creme
1.7 oz

Age defying eye cream featuring lingonberry stem cells.

Talyoni Stem Cell Therapy Eye Crème is packed with ingredients targeted to protect and repair the delicate skin around your eyes. Featuring Lingonberry stem cells which work to reduce appearance of wrinkles, spots, dehydration and roughness. Cannabis sativa oil rounds out this comprehensive formula ensuring hydration and softness around the eye area.

Talyoni Chakra Balm
1 oz.

Skin conditioning balm for face and body with all natural ingredients.

Embrace your most vibrant, beautiful, perfectly aligned self with this healing balm. Tap into your inner harmony by applying anytime you need it for the good vibes you deserve.

Massage onto chakras as needed to promote well-being, positivity, clarity and empowerment.

Talyoni Daily Renewal Power Cleanser
1 oz.

A unique powder cleanser that transforms into a rich lather to gently buff away dull, tired skin

Brightening rice bran, salicylic acid and lotus seed extract exfoliate while bentonite clay works to draw debris and impurities from deep within pores. Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid soothe, and restore the skin. Fortified with highly concentrated vitamin C to reveal radiant tone and texture. Gentle enough for daily use.

CBD Skincare Exfoliating Cleanser
100mg 6 oz. $39

CBD Infused 100MG Exfoliating Cleanser Concentrate for Face & Body. Scrub your skin to achieve a radiant look with this facial scrub. A CBD infused facial scrub that contains 100mg of CBD to gently exfoliate and buff away dead skin and impurities. Works to improve circulation to give your face a smooth and bright complexion.

*Certified Organic

FORMULATED WITHOUT Gluten, Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates.

CBD Skincare Moisturizing Sleep Mask

This one-of-a-kind, luxurious cream mask has been carefully crafted to infuse the skin with a burst of hydration and renewal delivered by the soothing properties of aloe leaf extract, chamomile flower, and oats in a synergistic combination that utilizes the natural anti- inflammatory power of full-spectrum CBD oil.

Directions: Can be used nightly if desired. Apply to the entire face and neck, do not rinse off until in the morning. Your skin will look nourished, hydrated and with a radiant glow.

* Certified Organic


Gluten, Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates

Men’s CBD Skincare/Shaving:

El Patron Cannabis Sativa Beard and Tattoo Oil

Enter into relaxation with this beard and body oil. An oil that will deliver a calming experience to both the beard and skin. Its CBD oil formula restores and soothes the beard and skin for ultimate relaxation.

Multiple Uses:

Beard: Hydrates Shines Grooms

Body Moisturizes Soothes Protects

Mind Calm Inspires

Tattoo Enhances Restores Clarifies

El Patron Cannabis Sativa Shaving gel

Get a smooth gliding shave with this shave gel. Made with CBD oil to prep the skin for shaving. Awakens the skin with a cooling sensation to shave with precision and to avoid in-grown hairs. Leaves the skin moisturized and with therapeutic benefits.

El Patron Cannabis Sativa Aftershave

Give yourself a nice, soothing and cooling sensation with this aftershave. Made with CBD oil to deliver nourishment and freshness to the skin after shaving. Delivers many benefits of CBD oil to the skin for an invigorating feel and sensation.

To purchase online: Send us an email to BellaVardoBoise@gmail.com. We ship same day if order is placed before 12:00pm.

FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.

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